How It Works?
Cloud hosting have few key advantages over traditional hosting.
Scalability Instant Pay for what you use
It is easy to expand or shrink cloud hosting all up to your requirement and demand. Depending on what you need, cloud hosting is exceptionally flexible. Cloud hosting is instant. The computing power is there, so you just turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you doesn’t. Everything in the cloud can be access instantly. With cloud hosting, you pay for what you use. Much like your water and electricity bill, cloud hosting employs a consumption based model that utilized mechanism to track your actual usage and bill according to it.

Hence, there is no worries on performance issue and problems that might occurs with cloud hosting.

User are able to access its dedicated service or application easier and faster with cloud hosting.

This makes cloud hosting much more cost efficient compare to traditional hosting, not to mention the upkeep fee of physical hosting server.

Why Cloud Hosting?
Low Entry Barrier
With lower setting up cost and no maintenance cost, making it easy for user to have their own cloud hosting server.
Fast Set Up
Due to the absence of physical hardware, setting up a cloud hosting server is just faster and much simpler.
No Maintenance Cost
Maintenance cost for physical server might be hefty in a long run. With cloud hosting, customer can enjoy hosting with a more cost efficient way.
Extensive Global Coverage
SoftLayer Cloud Hosting have 13 data centers around the globe, making it easier for client to approach the global market.
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