With SoftLayer Cloud Hosting Solution, you will be able to enjoy some of the cost efficiency factors in compare with traditional hosting.
No Upfront Investment
Building in-house infrastructure can be a pain in the ass. Expensive hardware are bought, install, configure and this process can be very expensive and slow. All this can be replace with SoftLayer where you just customize and create your own server and it’ll be up and running in no time.
No Maintenance Fee
Maintenance cost can be hefty over the years. Many of the companies spend few thousands just to keep the physical infrastructure running properly without any complications. With SoftLayer, you only pay what you use with no extra fee.
Low Ongoing Cost
Ultimately, SoftLayer helps lower your overall IT cost in many ways. Through constantly efficiency improvement and customization allows you to optimize cost for both variable and stable workload. Cloud hosting helps lower up-front and on-going IT labor cost and offer access to highly distributed, inclusive platform at a low cost.
Why SoftLayer? What makes it so different than other Cloud Hosting? Here’s why.
Whether it’s SME or Large Enterprise, you have the freedom to customize your own hosting method. Ranging from dedicated server, public cloud, and private cloud to even optimize customization where you can pick any configuration that meets you requirement or customize one with CPU, RAM or Storage to fit your needs. Bottom-line? It’s all up to you.
Flexible Capacity
Main problems on capacity is that, if it’s too much, you will be paying extra for nothing; if it’s too little then you will be facing deprived customer experience until you acquire more resources.

By going Cloud Hosting, you can stop worrying on your infrastructure capacity needs. Upgrade when you need more and when you don’t need that much, just turn it off.
Agility & Stability
One of the best thing about Cloud Hosting as opposed to traditional hosting is that you can provision resources as you need them whereby for traditional hosting, it will takes much longer time.

You’ll have the power of deploying hundreds and thousands of server in minute with just a click away. Stability will not even be compromise as establishing your own virtual servers in a dedicated environment provides the scalability you ever need.
Disaster Recovery
It is essential to have disaster recovery strategy for all types of company as the data stored in the cloud storage are unquestionably important.

To counter the problems of having downtime or data loss, SoftLayer comes with a robust disaster recovery strategy to ensure your mission-critical applications and data with an environment designed for disaster recovery, backup and high-availability.
By utilizing Cloud Hosting, there are many ways it can help smoothen daily operation.
Operation VS Application
Many of the company been investing countless resources on data center investment and have overlook the importance of innovating new projects.

With Cloud Hosting, you are able to shift all the resource from there and focus on things that actually grow your business instead of only maintaining your business. This also allows you to distribute scarce resources carefully into aspects that are more vital.
Hybrid Environment
SoftLayer have the best of physical and virtual technologies with exclusive Flex Image technology that allows you to image, deploy and switch between physical and virtual machines.

Flex Image is SoftLayer next-generation server image capturing and deployment system where you can choose, change and grow your infrastructure to best suit your application needs, creating the best hybrid environment for Cloud Hosting.
Global Approach
Doesn’t matter the size of your company, big or small, there is still a great potential that you’ll have customers all around the world. With SoftLayer Cloud Hosting you can easily deploy your website or application over 13 region all around the world and this number of region is still growing as time pass by.

This simply means that you can provide minor latency and better experience for you customer with minimum cost. This is something that couldn’t be achieve by traditional infrastructure because many companies have to go one region at a time to save resources.
A reliable and cost effective marketing way that able to direct reach your target audience immediately.
A personalized & fine targeted marketing tool to facilitate your marketing & CRM activities.
Brand Owners
To facilitate the brand owner’s marketing campaigns:
  Update your customers of new products.
  Send promotions/vouchers to customers via SMS.
  Send update for upcoming events.
  Birthday greeting/special for customers.
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