CloudLayer Computing Overview
SoftLayer™ Network
Data centers and network PoPs Secured, Private Network High Speed Connectivity Global Load Balancing
SoftLayer operates and have data centers located in Amsterdam, Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, Singapore, and Washington D.C. All built with SoftLayer’s unique pod data center design concept. Moreover, data centers are perfected by Points of Presence (PoPs) in 16 cities that are directly connected for lower latency and optimize end user experience.

SoftLayer network provides VPN server access via dedicated, non-public carrier, keeping “backend” server completely off limits to external traffic and safe to transfer sensitive data.

It allows unlimited bandwidth, data transfer and management without impacting the public bandwidth.
Through its best-in-class infrastructure, SoftLayer provides maximum performance in connectivity. Each server rack features 40G of connectivity, which are ideal for application like grid, clustering, and high performance computing. Correspondingly, 10G fiber connections between geographically diverse data centers for low latency and high speed data throughput. With enterprise-class load balancing solution, SoftLayer are able to balance traffic among two or more servers, even between geographically diverse data centers. It can be instantly activated and ready to configure; like servers can be added or remove from the balancing pool on-demand with no downtime.
SoftLayer™ Data Centers
On Demand, Virtual Data Centre Geographic Diversity Best-in-Class Infrastructure DC to DC Network
SoftLayer operates through IPMI 2.0 server technologies, secure and remote out-of-band management and exclusive programmed solutions. Which provides you with a highly scalable, on-demand, virtual data center experience. To ensure a great traffic volume and speed for the customers, SoftLayers have data centers in Amsterdam, Dallas, Houston, London, San Jose, Seattle, Singapore and Washington D.C. This provides a geographic diversity for maintaining system and data redundancy. To ensure you’ll have the highest level of performance, dependability and interoperability for your hardware and equipment; all SoftLayer data centers sustain multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup. DC to DC network or data center to data center network provides free, dedicated, and secure connection between servers kept in any SoftLayer facility. All this includes a dedicated 20Gbps fiber link that has automatic fail-over through alternate secure connection. The data transmission between data centers is high speed and secured.
SoftLayer™ Storage Layer
Industry-Leading Protocols Enterprise-Grade Security Outstanding Connectivity Geographically Diverse
StorageLayer operates the most common used storage protocols, giving you a wide range of fast, dependable, economical and scalable storage options. Given this option, administrator can select the level and type of storage that best suit their needs and resources. To ensure a highest level of security while not obstructing administrator access, StorageLayer transfers all data directly from customers’ private VLANS using revolutionary Network-Within-a-Network topology. By utilizing SoftLayer’s outstanding connectivity within and between its geographically diverse data center, StorageLayer is able to transfer data fast and reliable. With each server rack featuring 10-gigabit uplinks to the array, SoftLayer guarantee that you have the best performance with near-zero latency. Data transfer from one geographic location to another is effortless because StorageLayer works between SoftLayer’s data centers across the country. You can have a server in any of our data centers and incorporate it with combination of storage options in one or many other locations.
SoftLayer™ SecurityLayer Services
Overlapping Layers of Protection Exceptional Standard Security Offering Latest Security Technology Unique Secured Network Design
SecurityLayer monitors every surface of your set-up and operation by implementing physical, operational security, network security to system, application &data security. You can also customize your own individual protection plan to best suit your needs and resources. Never worry, because your SoftLayer services come standard with the industry’s most comprehensive sets of security features such as 24 hour security in data centers, biometric security system, bar-code only ID for hardware, and also video surveillance at all possible location. Knowing that standard security offering is never enough, SoftLayer also protects your data using industry-leading security defense available. Services like Rescue Layer, Private Network Windows, McAfee Linux Shield Anti-Virus, and dedicated hardware firewalls. All these mentioned services are only part of the full service available. It is designed to solely avoid, repel and withstand any threat for both hardware and software. Even the smallest possible error can compromise your company’s network. Lucky for you, with SoftLayer revolutionary Network-Within-a-Network topology provides true out-of-band management for full remote access with no contact with external threat. This system is fully accessible to your administrative personnel but off-limits to others.
SoftLayer™ API 3.0
Increased User Control Higher Efficiency for IT Operations Open Architecture Secure, Flexible Access
API 3.0 provides developers and administrators a greater control of their environment with seamless integration between systems and the SoftLayer Infrastructure. User are able to retrieve information from SoftLayer accounting, inventory, DNS system and more than 2200 documented methods across 180 discrete services available through their Customer Portal. Implementing API 3.0 abolish layers of management systems that helps you simplify and save time and cost of IT management. User gain direct control on network switch port, server monitoring, hardware firewalls, and many more activities that helps developers and administrator. Built on an open-source, standards-based development platform, API 3.0 fully integrates with application and system from the third-party. It also have new addition including highly integrated, object-oriented approach; enhanced compatibility with .NET, Java and Ruby on Rails®. It is also unified with the design of SoftLayer Portal SOA core. Imagine complete and secure access from ANY system regardless of device and location from even RIM BlackBerry® or Apple iPhone®. With API 3.0 leverages SoftLayer’s industry-leading Network-Within-a-Network topology, it is absolutely possible to achieve access to the system remotely without a hassle.
SoftLayer™ Customer Support
Direct Control of Support Solutions Online and Phone Support Tickets Private Customer Forums KnowledgeLayer Information Library
With SoftLayer’s innovative automated tools and Customer Portal. You can now directly resolve most common support issues without the intervention of SoftLayer. Don’t worry still, if there is any complicated problems that needed human intervention, SoftLayer tech support team is available on site 24/7/365, maintaining the infrastructure operating at optimum level and serving as customer’s virtual hands and eyes. Support tickets can be opened online via SoftLayer’s innovative Customer Portal or by telephone. To ensure every customer receive the best support for their situation, support needs will be graded according to its severity and responded accordingly. Also, all opened support tickets receive will guaranteed a 20-minute response from SoftLayer. As a SoftLayer’s active customer, you’ll be granted an exclusive access to the active private forum for inquiries and discussion on support issues. Staff and customers of SoftLayer can provide peer-to-peer advice and insight on a huge-range of topics, which include application deployment and solution development. KnowledgeLayer is a searchable in-depth database of articles, documentations, and how-to’s covering a wide range of SoftLayer service questions and technical topics. The database also includes post from SoftLayer’s tech staff and verified solutions from other SoftLayer customers.
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