Content Management
Content Distribution and management
This is a convergence platform for content distribution and management that supports both web- and mobile-optimized App Store within a same engine and database.
Flexible and easy-to-use
Highly flexible and easy-to-use system for all content providers to manage and offer their mobile content and services.
Content Maintenance
Centre control system to maintain contents on both Portal Interfaces without any redundancy works.
Content Aggregation/Integration via API
Mobile Content Delivery
A proven system to host, manage and schedule your mobile content delivery to multiple channels.
Wide Range of Support Type
Wide range of supported content types (simple text, SMS, wallpapers, ringtones, games, videos, mobile applications & etc).
Great Distribution Channel
An ideal platform to aggregate all your contents and easily to be distributed to various sales channels across different countries.
API Integration
Highly flexible & fast deployment where it allows API integration for those content hosted in external server.
Device Detection & Optimization
Mobile Devices Auto-Detection
Auto-detection of PC or mobile devices when visitors access to the storefront.
Automated Content Adaption
Being able to detect the user device and push the right content type to match the user device type.
Automated Display Adaption
Optimized for small and wide screen display. This system are able to optimize for all types of display depending on the user devices.
Optimized for Faster Access
  • Web Store: for PC or tablets
  • Mobile Store (mobile site): for mobile phones only
  • App Store: for Android platform
Messaging & Delivery
High Volume Content Delivery
High reliability through multiple network connections for high volume of content delivery via SMS, WAP Push or WAP Pull.
Flexible Scheduling
Flexible scheduling for content delivery. The desired content can be scheduled anytime, any day which is all up to you.
Billing Mechanism
Remarkable rebilling mechanism to optimize the success charge rate. In order to ensure our user/subscriber obtain the content they desire, the system will reschedule another billing once it detected the user/subscriber have insufficient credit.
Billing Integration & Settlement
Multiple Charging Method
A proven architecture for multiple charging methods:
  • Mobile Billing (Premium SMS Charging, WAP Charging)
  • Credit Card/ Bank Transfer Payment
  • E-Wallet
Multiple Charging Model
Support multiple charging models:
  • On-demand/ Ala-carte
  • Subscription
Full & Detailed Reporting
Thorough Reporting Format
With m-Agent™, it provides full and detailed reporting of all transaction processed by the platform. Our backend access gives you the full transparency that you need to effectively manage your SMS services.
Various Reporting Type
Reports: SMS Inbound / Outbound Report, Content Purchase/Download Report, Subscribers Report, SMS Revenue Summary and SMS Delivery Report (Telco dependent).
Bonus Featured Highlight
Social Interaction
Our platform is fully integration with social function, which enables:
  • Social Connect: make it easy for users to register/login with their Facebook.
  • Social Live Feed: Allow users to check out the live activity update of the site, e.g.: contents/Apps being viewed, shared, bought, added to favorite/wish list, etc.
  • Social Sharing and comment.
Loyalty and Offers
Create unique programs to increase user loyalty. Incentivize and set point values for various user actions, such as new user registration, purchase content/Apps, write reviews, Facebook sharing, or refer friends.
User Behavior Tracking
Able to track all users’ activities on the site, which help to leverage insights about the users to provide more personal experiences.
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