There is a story behind why we name ourselfves as IONNEX.

In Line with out Basic Business Philosophy,

we always strive to create I nnovative products and services by instilling enduring value which not only meets the
evolving needs but exceed our customers’ expectations. We strongly believe that employees are the most important
resource for the company. Thus, we are committed to developing our human resource through our personnel
education & training systems in order to realize our employees full potential in becoming the most  O utstanding
employees in this industry. We explore  N ew and N onpareil ways to develop products and services that ever
increasing satisfaction to our customers. We believe in providing E xcellent service through our dedicated team is the
basis for the company to earn our customers’ trust ACCROSS the world.

IONNEX was incorporated in Malaysia

in 2002.

Today, we have rapidly expanded our business to various regions with the subsidiary offices located in Bangkok
(Thailand), Manila (Philippines), Jakarta (Indonesia) and ShenZhen (People's Republic of China).

IONNEX started its life as mobile enterprise software solutions. As hard work and dedication resulting in one
innovative product/ service after another, the fledging company took its steps by venturing into the mobile content
and aggregation business. We are one of the pioneers in the region to set-up a complete end-to-end ecosystem for
mobile content management, distribution and billing to help content providers to monetize their offerings on mobile

Today, the mobile internet becomes a part of our daily life. In view of this trend, we have focused ourselves on the
mobile services and solutions in order to translate our customers’ needs into the values and lifestyles which they
aspire to.

We will continually adapt our thinking and behaviour to the ever-changing conditions around us to ensure progress
and success in our endeavors.